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Personal Note;
From my position I did not need to participate in the daily corruption or "wheeling dealing”. Due to my scientific background in natural science when I have been scientifically right I was right. Mathematics has no ambiguities and there is no need to adjust or negotiate. In my work and private life the things were done for me out of naturality of my status. I have seen that others may have engaged in the corrupted way of life in order to make my life smooth. First after retiring from the diplomatic service at UN I was faced to cope with the corrupted system of Austria. I decided not to get involved in corruption and decided to solve problem ethically and legally correct way and see what will happen.

Below is what has happened; (bit like Wallraff)


script of "shadows of the past"


97-1A A shelter house covering a bunker
97 A multi-etage  house built 1994-1996
93 The house of our Friend professor Siegfried Wunderer
99 The house is partially owned by Lars Loh the grandson of the NSDAP Luftwaffe officer Ottizky
The NAZI air shelter, aka Sauna House aka Garden House Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A was built on request of NSDAP officer Kurt Ottizky

during NAZI time by the Prisoners of War.

 his grandson Lars Loh

WW2 A NSDAP NAZI Luftwaffe officer Kurt Ottizky built during the WW2 a bunker and a shelter  house 97-1A covering the entry to the bunker.
  After the war the entry to the bunker was filled in with dirt and the construction was used as a dwelling house
  Sometimes after the WW2 the area of 97-1A, 97 and 93 was transferred to the ownership of professor Wunderer who transferred the properties to the Wunderer foundation
1994-1996 in 1994-1996 in order to build a new house 97 on the photo (due to restrictions on the space utilization)  the air shelter 97-1A was to be reduced in size and was converted to be a utility house such as Sauna House. THE FIRST CORRUPTION CASE IN THE SEQUENCE OF CORRUPTION  LASTING UNTIL TODAY.
2008 The house was rented to us as a dwelling house by the managers of the Wunderer foundation. We did not have any knowledge about the history and complications of the past.
2015 After death of Professor Wunderer in in 2015, the foundation managers Mr. Stefan Wurst and Mr. Martin Ströck started to sell out the foundation properties.
2018 after denunciation the building control requested to reduce the size of the shelter house (as prescribed in 1994) and remove the concrete (the concrete was covering the bunker). Thew work of demolition was done during summer 2018.
2021 at the end of 2021 the property 97-1A was purchased by Lars Loh, the grandson of  NSDAP luftwaffe Office (the builder of the bunker)



Report über Rechtssichercheit in ÖSTERREICH,


  Grundrechte und Rechtssichereit in Österreich 
Die Grundrechte Charta der EU


e-mail: the  copy of the site is available from other locations. "Satire makes people learn something more than being lectured", EU freedom of expression "Transparency prevents corruption" in the realization of Kanzlei am Kai



All this below is about resistence to be part of corruption, to forget NAZISM, to close eyes to colaborate with the forces of evil.

All dies unten dreht sich um den Widerstand, an der täglichen Korruption teilzunehmen, den Nazismus zu vergessen, die Augen zu schließen, um mit den Mächten des Bösen zusammenzuarbeiten


other relevant sites,  and several Twitter accounts


Alle Mitteilungen, Mail an Herrn Cech, Leiter der Baupolizei, Michael Ludwig

The recent history of Austria illustrated by the case described below and in a separate novel. "the Shadows of the Past"
written by the former UN diplomat, scientist and  Peace Nobel Prize laureate as a part of the team of the UN/IAEA


Luftwaffe Officer, Kurt Ottizky


  Luftwaffe Officer, Kurt Ottizky  The NAZI air shelter,  aka Garden House Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A  was built during NAZI time for NSDAP Luftwaffe Officer Kurt Ottizky,  by the Prisoners of War. The house was used as an entry to the air shelter.   Thausands of forced labor died in the construction of air bunkers in Vienna and special "luftwaffe" constructions supervised by Mr. Kurt Ottizky.


Unknowingly to us, the garden house (NS air shelter and bunker for the Luftwaffe Officer was rented to us in 2008 in the ILLIGAL STATE by  the persons on the right Mr. Stefan Wurst and Martin Ströck and sold in December 2021 to Mr. Lars Loh  


in Dec 2021 the NAZI Air Shelter house  aka Garden House Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A was purchased by Mr. Lars Loh.
was built by the grandfather of Mr. Loh during the  NAZI area in order to provide an quick entry to an Air Shelter.

The previous discussion often related to Moral Philosophy  between me and Mr. Loh about the similarity of this trefne purchase to the purchased of the arizated property was discussed between me and Mr. Lars Loh. The text will be included in the podcast.

communication with Mr. Lars Loh and Mr Alexander Ilieff


The ex-NAZI Air Shelter aka Garden House Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A is serviced by Immovision, managed by Mr. Alexander Ilieff. Alexander Ilieff - Geschäftsführer - IMMOVISION Immobilienverwaltung  Ges.m.b.H. | XING 


2018 distruction, a part of the bunker was removed. Since that time we can't live there

the bunker, the entry  the bunker was from inside of the garden house        
our things were thrown to a tent, which was blown away          


NS bunker


This is how our  Landlords, Wurst & Ströck  Rechtsanwälte are treating us in a terrible, immoral way with a disrespect for others people. We write dozen of letters and don't get any answer. Is this social responsibility or lack of respect.  On the picture you can see  how our landlords Wurst & Ströck  Rechtsanwälte stored our thing in 2018. (after removing veranda).
We have several times informed our landlords about the conditions. The  house was rented in a illegal conditions. Due to negligence to follow  MA37 recommendation the house had to be partially destroyed in 2018 and the landlords put our things in a tent which blew away in storm. Please take care of it !!! 
Das Haus wurde an uns in einem Zustand vermietet, der nicht den Vorgaben der MA-37 aus dem Jahr 1996 entsprach. 20 Jahre später wurde nach Denunziation bei der MA-37, die Veranda dann abgerissen und unser Eigentum in einem Zelt eingelagert. Das Zelt hielt dem nä hsten Sturm nicht stand und seither sind unsere persönlichen Sachen der Witterung ausgesetzt. Wie immer hüllt sich die Kanzlei Wurst&Ströck in Schweigen. 
Mehr  pictures of distructions
The tent was blown away and the hi-fi video are exposed to weather. We informed Wurst & Ströck without any reaction.

 more pictures of distructions

HiFi, loudspeakers, DVD player in the snow weather, the landlors Wurst & Ströck informed but  do nothing
 more of the fraud


Introduction: about me, I am sorry, during the time as a diplomat in Austria I was blind regarding corruption. I woke up after retirement
Because of threats, prosecution and intimidation I had to leave  Austria in 2018, how the legals system is working in Austria about EXODUS


The two disciples Wurst and Ströck on the left, rented an "illegal" house to us. A series of  corruption, embezzlement, intimidation, threats from various persons  followed.

a satirical view
People are not corrupted but nothing in Austria can be done without engaging in corruption.
the points related to Peter Jordan Strasse



the Austrian Gallery



media on the corruption in Austria
Der Spiegel, Neue Züricher Zeitung,
The Jerusalm Post, die Zeit, Swedish TV
more will come
the copy of the communication is send to the listed media

2 Free gagging Images | - Free Image Search Due to prosecution for execution of free speech I had to leave Austria in 2018


"Die Leiterin der Wirtschafts- und Korruptionsstaatsanwaltschaft, Ilse-Maria Vrabl-Sanda, hat nicht nur aufgrund der jüngsten Ermittlungen zur Inseratenaffäre mit einem Personalmangel zu kämpfen."
   how anti-corruption works in Austria
We hope that the  Austrian anti-corrupion authorities will find time to review the cases described below.
I assume the WKSTA will review of the sell of two properties in Kitzbühel owned by the Wunderer Pivatstiftung
the letter to the anti-corruption authorities dated 2021-10-21

List of corruption accusations
Liste der korruptions-vorwürfe



It is how MA37 Baupolizei is instrumentalized by the private company led Mathias Koffer.
It is an attemptto corrupt authorities




Was ist mit Claudia Dietel, der benachteiligte Tochter von Prof. Wunderer, die Begünstigte der Stiftung, die von Herr Stefan Wurst und Martin Ströck aus ihrem Familienhaus entfernt wurde  
was haben Wurst und Ströck mit dem Wundererhaus in Kitzbühl . gemacht?




Liability associated with the  Garden House Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A 
the full e-mail exchangethe full e-mail exchange





The corruption plot 
so hat alles begonnen,  all began so  
mehr,   more 




In 4 month, Euro 420 000 disapeared 

580m2 Baugrund verkauft für 800.000,- Euro an A.M.T. Unternehmensberatungs-gesellschaft M.B.H am 09.08.2018
Die Wunderer Privatstiftung verwaltet von Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft ( verkauft die Liegenschaft weit unter dem Wert. Die Begünstigte der Stiftung verliehrt nicht nur ihr Elternhaus, sondern auch Geld.
Verlust innerhalb 4 Monaten 420.000,- Euro

4 Monate später, am 20.12.2018 wiederverkauft um 1.220.000,- Euro an Brandstetter Immobilientreuhand Gmbh
Als Betroffene im Jahre 2016 (beschrieben unter dem link Plot) ist dann 2018 alles genauso geschehen wie wir es befürchtet haben. Wir sind ein Hinderniss einen besseren Verkaufspreis zu  erzielen und müssen ausziehen Peter Jordanstraße 93 Die Vermieter  Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte haben den Wert der  Liegenschaft schlecht evaluiert Verlust innerhalb 4 Monaten 420.000,- Euro Der gelbe Pfeil markiert den Eingang zum Haus
Verlust innerhalb 4 Monaten 420.000,- Euro 
more in English



"Die Glashäusler"
Eine winterliche Reise zu den Flüssen Donau, Wienfluss, Krottenbach, und Alserbach oder Gerechtigkeit für Juden 


It is always good for some citizens, not named, to remind about arizations and expropriations, and the "innocent" neighbors buying the Jewish property because it was cheap,  i.e. profiting from such situations. It is recommended to read Hannah Arendt "The banality of Evil". The history repeats.



The house we rent was built by the prisoners of war and other prisoners during the II World War, more will come




In order to realize the new construction plans in big format one wanted  to move us out. The buildings authorities were instrumentalized to find some reasons which could allow to remove us from the property.  The authorities conducted mob inspections to find some reason to kick  us out. Some illegal items from 20 years before we moved into the house were found, distruction of the part of the house was done with hope we could give up.





FIRST INSPECTION 27-07-2016 conducted by crowd, subjectively wakes feelings of the past times.
conducted by the building control with the participation of the crowd in order to put us under pressure
it is called ochlocracy - the power of mob -Déjà vu



english summary


Technische und rechtliche Details



Polizei, korruption
Police and anti-corruption contacts, letter, photos




Manche Elemente der Österreichischen Gesellschaft schreiben zu uns wir wären eine Schande für den 18ten Bezirk
"es kommt beim Anblick der Fotos eher der Gedanke an Slums und nicht an eine Wohnanlage im 18. Bezirk"
"When you look at the photos, the idea of slums rather than a residential complex in the 18th district comes up.

Such expressions, connote with Anti-ziganism, Antisemitism
addressed to us and aiming to get rid of us are not written in  Austria 1938 but 2016






 Van der  Bellen   

Dear Mr. Van der Bellen as you see the site show the amoral behaviour, without shame, without any social responisbility, formed by the past, in the same way as every human being is formed by the past. 
How our house service Bontus exploits us, still did not pay for the  electricity used in 2018
unscrupulous, amoral landlords Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft




  Exodus (Vertreibung)
 Our exodus (Vertreibung)   below is semantically using the same denotation as the exodus to the right but it has totally different connotation
We were cheated (consciously or unconsciously) by Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft renting us a garden house in the "illegal state"
Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft renting us a garden house in the "illegal state" caused exodus.

the plants were loaded into a trailer and here they go to Sweden







Telos,  the legal agents of the real estate managers, who keep me out of Austria, censor free speech in Sweden, and ask to pay for my own  prosecution, and an  excellent example of the EU values.
THE INTIMIDATORS from Telos lawyer group on behalf of Friedrich Mullner and Matthias Koffer for our use of free speach prevents me to return to Austria

lawyers strange practices
How the lawyers are instigated to intimidate us
in 2016
The lawyer firm Telos is used by Koffer House Service to intimidate and threaten us and in 2018   we had to leave Austria
Is this Rule of Law in Austria?
complains to the Vienna Lawyer Association are  still not answered since 2016
Vienna Lawyer Association  is silent, what gives place for intimidation, fraud and corruption 



Kapo-like supervision and denounciations still going on

here is how our neighbour Elisabeth Fröhlich is observing on us  and making  photos and collaborating in denounciations 
"surveillance", picture of our house made from the Ms. Fröhlich window used in the denounciation
window between veranda and the tree where te picture above was taken from, belongs to Ms. Elisabeth Fröhlich



Biotop "Zum Fröhlichen Frosch"   
aquatischer BIOTOP is left
"Zum Fröhlichen Frosch"
Adresse: Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A
1180 Wien
aquatic Biotope, still alive
we pay monthly EURO 688 to keep the biotope alive



  mistreatment of the beneficiary of the Wunderer Foundation
How Wurst & Ströck  Rechtsanwälte expelled impaired daughter of the owner prof Sigfried Wunderer Claudia Dietel  


  Corruption, fraud, gagging, intimidation, cheating benificiary, misuse of power postion
all definition according to the EU, UK and Swedish  legislation



Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A, built in the place designated for the green area and has the following status according to the authorities



corruption close to us and around our house

How structural corruptions, culture and bad habits affected us





the house is not to rent util changes are done. 
how corruptive structures manipulated the authorities since decades
The Garden House plan



Instrumenatlization of Vienna Authorities
very similar to the old times

Ms Elisabeth Fröhlich, our neighbour at Peter Jordan Strasse 97 and Koffer Hausverwaltung try to instrumetalize authorties 



allowed 6 apartment house miraculously becomes 8 apartment house and our house becomes a sauna rented as a dwelling house


and their goals
allready suspected in 2017

how the destrucion was done
step by step 
The mechanisms of corruption, it has happened so
DAS VORHABEN - THE PLOT - the suspected fraud (description)
What we suspected in 2016 has happened


  the Vienna Lawyer Association 
quesion to the foreign ministry, asking if I can safe return to Austria are not answered,against the requirements of Rule of Law
complains to the Vienna Lawyer Association (RAK) are  still not answered since 2016
letter to RAK



 See below



And what the authorities say
The Vienna authorities' standpoint.
"all illigal" but nobody does anything









KONSTRUKTEURE    ( AKTEURE ) -  wir sind unbeteiligte OPFER
Who is Who in this Macheloike
Definition of collaborator [Merriam-Webster]
"a person who collaborates with another: such as
someone who works with another person or group"


we built botanical garden starting 2008  
starting 2016 people wanted to  move us out   
Here is how a lawyer group Telos tries to intimidate us   
we complained to authorities and the EU already in 2016








CONTROLLERS of the Vienna Government  


built by the Russians POWs  



the political culture of corruption  






the e-mail 2018-11-26,
E-mails to the Vienna Building Authority (more will come)




















the old botanical garden  destroyed botanical garden
 Peter Jordan Straße 97-1A


aquatischer BIOTOP is left
that what is left of the botanical garden
Biotop "Zum Fröhlichen Frosch" Peter Jordan Straße 97-1A

live Twitter account
live Twitter account

our approach, legal ground
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  blog - perspective key years 2020 - 1968 - 1938 - 1918 ->
Political and philosophical analysis, liberal democracy, neoliberalism,   communism, nazism



The blog related to the social, psychological  historical context of the case described below







I have never experienced such a total lack of moral principles, shamelessness, lack of normal human decency, lack of respect another human beings, is this a shadows of the old times when holding to the moral values and personal integrity was not possible. The case below illustrates basic  human weakness,  a lack of civil courage and prosecution of any who is following freedom of speech and opinion so highly valued by the EU.