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The people mentioned on this site live in a social body where it stinks from the head. 
Now that the eyes are open we hope that the anti-corruption authoriteis in Austria will look seriously at the case below
  Irony, in 2016, not knowing, I wrote about corruption to the corrupted Foreign Minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz 
  the systemic corruption is based on supression of free speech and intimidation, here is how it was  done in our case
  the past is casting shadows on today's ethos,  the brown haritage 



"Friends with Benefits" 



What Mr Stefan Wurst, Altkalksburger did to remove the disadvantaged  daughter of late Professor Sigfried Wunderer so he could sell the family house of the professor's daughter  Claudia Dietel. What kind morality id it?, not the one i know from my prominent jesuits friends.


Othmar Karas may be a better puppet       Meister Kurz und MEP Othmar Karas    
  Versteigerung jüdischen Besitzes: Das Beispiel der Ida Jauffron-Frank —  Landesbildungsserver Baden-Württemberg      
Mr Wurst (morality of Altkalksburger )and
Mr Ströck has learned from the Kanzlern
  Mr Wurst  (Altkalksburger) has removed the beneficiary of the Wunderer (Prof. Wunderer's daughter) Foundation from her family house    the buyer of the trefne Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A
metaphor of arisiering profiteer





  These people Wurst and Ströck acted in the Austrian context of corruption and absence of some basic democratic rules, see Die Zeit, and the documentaion of their deeds below.
  Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft are representative and symbols of the  austrialaw.
  The gentlemen try to catch A BUYER to wash themselves from the devil's accusations of the sins of corruption  
  as quoting from the media, these people blow used
"System aus Lügen und Korruption" "breach of trust, corruption"
  Wunderer Privatstiftung (Foundation)  Managing Directors;
Dr. Stefan Wurst, Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, Mag. Martin Ströck
Wunderer Foundation Supervisory Board;
Dipl.Ing. Peter Pelzl, KR Helmut Puchebner, Dr. Franz Radatz
  from a letter to the Antikorruptionsteam,
Magistratsdirektion der Stadt Wien

  the letter to Mr Stefan Wurst and Martin Ströck

Sent: 31 October 2021 18:35
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Cc: ''; ''; 'alexander.schallenberg@bka.gv.'
Subject: In reference to an ongoing sell of the property Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A, 1180 Wien,
Importance: High