Political Rresponsibility
UK and Scandinavian Rule of Law standards are superior to the central Europe
Brexit as solution, then Swexit 

our old  botanical garden

We want a compensation  to carry on the botanical garden  project somewhere else
The neighboring mark which is smaller was sold for EURO 1 220 000
click to see the old garden

We live privately but participate in a political context both perspectives are connected in a historically unique configurationn
Rule of Law is to be enjoyed by each EU citizen. We show how you should belive in the the EU values and rules and see how it should improve my and your life..
For making life in the EU easy, according to the EU values. We want the EU values to be realized. Our =>>case relates to the destruction of the botanical garden in Vienna, Austria..
Here is an open letter to the MEPss 
Since 2016 we have informed these politicians about a persistence  of structural corruptions in Austria and legislation not compatible with the EU values.
Frans Timmermans (EU)
e-mail dated 2018-02-11
Othmar Karas (Austrian EU MEP)
e-mail dated 2016-07-07
how I learned that,  in many EU countries, the EU's values and rules are a joke and a bag of empty promises
the house we are renting is partially demolished

some forces want us out. An attmp to drive us away is underway.
senseless destruction of our living environment our plans and dreams
Since 2 years we are under pressure to leave our house.  
The worker left the garden in this state in July

the whole case study