Wir wußten nicht, dass wir ein Nebengebäude mieten
Without knowing it, a not approved outbuilding was rented to us in 2009
MA37 Bescheid 1996
After demolitions of the veranda and the terrace the house is useless for protection of the plants.
A alternative and compensation are needed


The plan before 1996, the beton is marked yellow.
The room to the south is not cut yet.
the state before 1996, before house 97 was built    MA37 (building control) prescribed condition for our house 97-1A in order to allow to built 6 app. house nearby (became 8 app.) 


The plan from 1996 prescribing the allowed construction, the Terrace and Flugdach
beton was not removed
Even the latest demolition in 2018 has not removed all beton


Herr Senatsrat Dr Cech hat unseren temporären Winterschutz für unsere Pflanzen als rechtkonform bestätig
Mr Cech, the boss of the Vienna Building Control finds the way we protect the plants during the winter as conform to the rules.  
Brief von Herrn Senatsrat Dr Cech, MA37, 2016-06-22


The regulation for the house, Bescheid 1996


First  invitation to ochlocratic inspection (Bescheid 2016-06-21)


Baupolizei clandestine inspection, (Bescheid 2018-01-2018),





Easter 2018, before demolition
the house looked like



demolition in July 2018



After demolition in July 2018
the house lookes now like


destruction of renting conditions


The case below show deficiency of Rule of Law in EU's countries like Austria    
how small corruption works in Austria 
The deficiency of Rule of Law hinders effective defense against corruption
1. Since 2 years the Austrian Foreign Minister doesn't respond if the Swedish citizen can safety enter Austria, relates to point 2 below
2. Since 2 years the Association of Austrian Lawyers is not answering  the question if the Lawyer Group Telos is allowed to intimidate and threaten foreign citizens
3. Austrian Lawyer Group under threat requests removal of the information published in Sweden which is allowed under Swedish rules
4 Ochlocracy is still in use
5. Secrecy of all aspects of life prevents transparency and information acquisition