see the letter to Austrian Lawer Assoociation at the end of this site, see here
RULE OF LAW, is supervision of law practices efficient?, TELOS Law Group
Austrian/Vienna Association of Lawyers is reviewing Telos practices since September 2016



Freedom of speech à la  Telos
I have to pay for my own prosecution. 
see point 4


Point 1 in the letter to the right
"In a written form to declare the mentioned and  similar items in the future not to publish."

Point 2 "erase from  the Web Site  and sub sites the quoted and similar statements "

Point 4 "The cost for our work for your prosecution  related to this case requires .... Euro 240"

Poetic metaphor to allow better understanding of my feelings

"on behalf of our friends
we have prosecuted you,
please pay us for
your  prosecution
if you don't do as we want or don't pay
we will prosecute you more"

It seems Telos people don't like Monty Python and never appreciated this kind of free expression.
I live partially in UK and I hope Sweden will #Swexit soon.
In the Telos world this man would never be a minister


from 2016






Threats from Telos Law Group (to be paid for)

remove informationin 48 hours

tell it is untrue

guarantee the  not to express similar opinions

pay for the prosecution








rak Complain to the Austrian Layer association,  no answer until today