Introduction: After 20 years of the service for the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, where I received the Peace Nobel Prize as part of a team, my intentions was to stay partially in Vienna and take care of the botanical garden which I establish at Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A.


 I am very sorry, during my diplomatic years i have not seen much, all was easy, I could assume that the landlords "lived" corrupted life but after retiremnet I started to see how corrupted is the Austrian society. To do someting I was asked to take corruption steps.
First after retirment I have noticeed how corrupted is Austria  from the lowest level to the top. Prime ministers, finance minister, interior minister in previous governments were involved in the corruption. During the last years we informed various instances about corruption without much response, now with the Sebastian Kurz's corruption case in mind, we can review our experience of corruption at the lower level of the Austrian society. Austria lacks many democratic institutions and laws. see die Zeit